About the Exhibition

When the staff at the Jewish Museum of Maryland gets together, we talk about food. We exchange recipes, argue about food rules (everybody has them), and admit to a few aversions (some of us won’t touch mayo, for example, and after that incident with the mouse, well, let’s just say that potato chips are off the menu). We do this so often that we decided to take it seriously and develop an exhibition about Jewish food and eating. Chosen Food: Cuisine, Culture, and Jewish Identity is projected to open at the JMM in September 2011.

The Chosen Food exhibition is about you: your family and friends, your ancestors and progeny. So we want to hear how and what you eat, who you eat with, and how you feel about it. If you are Jewish and eat with other Jews, non-Jewish and eat with Jews, an FFB or a proud consumer of cheeseburgers, you probably have something to tell us.

Get involved in the making of this exhibition through our blog! Share your culinary and cultural discoveries with us, and answer our questions or pose questions of your own. We have made it easy for you to upload your photos and videos—we are looking for great stuff to incorporate into the exhibition and post on the chosenfood.org (link coming soon) website (please understand that anything you send us will be considered public property).

In this blog you can follow the development of the Chosen Food exhibition as well as participate in it. We are looking for a friendly, lively, and fun exchange of views that will ultimately contribute to our understanding of ourselves and others in the kitchen and around the table.

This blog is dedicated to the upcoming exhibition, Chosen Food at the Jewish Museum of Maryland.  For more information about our museum, visit our website or our sister blog.


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