About the Team

Karen Falk, curator

Karen FalkImmediate and necessary disclaimer: Chosen Food curator Karen Falk is not a foodie. In fact, she’d usually rather be doing almost anything other than cooking (although she loves to eat). Except—maybe four times a year—the muse strikes and she spends long and happy hours making a splendid meal for loved ones, after which her feet and back ache. But because the Chosen Food exhibit is about why food is so important to Jews, her culinary skills are thankfully beside the point. She is extremely grateful for everyone’s comments. Keep those cards, letters and emails coming!

Rachel Kassman, assistant curator

By day I am the Museum’s photo archivist, development coordinator and building manager, but by night…and weekends…and sometimes mornings if I don’t hit the snooze button too many times, I am a cooking (and eating!) machine! My love of food and talking about food and bringing in food to share at work was the inspiration for appointing me assistant curator on the Chosen Food exhibition. This is my first, large-scale exhibition project and it’s certainly turning out to be a world-class learning experience.

Louis Rincavage, editorial exhibition intern

I am a graduate student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County engaged in the process of earning my M.A. in Historical Studies.  My love of history and desire to one day work in a museum drew me to this internship.  One particular area of historical study with which I am fascinated revolves around the ways that individuals and groups of people maintain connections with the roots of their cultures and traditions.  For many of these individuals and groups, food is a primary means of preserving culture and tradition.  By preparing traditional recipes, we actively bridge the gap to our ancestors and develop a tangible connection to the past.  I hope to gain insight from this experience that I will carry with me through my education and into my professional career.


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