The Quinoa Controversy

April 13, 2011 at 5:53 pm Leave a comment

Sometimes it seems that a food is added to and then removed from the Passover menu in the blink of an eye. I remember when peanut oil was the standard available cooking oil for Pesach,  but that is long gone.  And here’s another food–quinoa–adopted by American Jews with enthusiasm, that may have an even shorter Passover shelf life. Unless, of course, the rabbis finally resolve the kitniyot question by declaring the Sephardic tradition appropriate for all Jews (I’ve heard rumors of this possibility–but really, they are just rumors!). What have you seen come and go from your seder table? Where do you stand on quinoa: do you love it enough to demand it remain on the menu, or will you shrug and move on?

The article below, written by Leah Koenig and published by Tablet Magazine, clearly explains the brewing quinoa controversy. Let us know what you think!


“After a kosher-certifying agency deemed quinoa, the South American grain-like seed, Passover-compliant, it’s become a darling of the Passover table. But now rabbis are having doubts…”


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